Five Sentence Fiction - Bubbles

Here we are again with Five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin.

The word du jour is Bubbles...

"So I just get inside the bubble, think myself to a place and it takes me there?"

"Yes," said Jennifer, "it just takes you, how cool is that?!"

"Ok," said Martin starting toward the bubble, "how did you work that out?"

"Well," said Jennifer grabbing his hand, "what else do you do when a seven foot wide un-burstable bubble appears in your back garden one morning? It's not like its a time travel machine, that would be weird." 

"Yeah, that would be totally weird." said the incredulous Martin; with only the slightest hint of sarcasm. 

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Rock on,



  1. Nice one Wayne... loved the 'with only the slightest hint of sarcasm' bit a lot... Cheers, Archana -

  2. Great idea. Love the 'hint of sarcasm' too. Can just picture the scene. x


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